Empathy, compassion, understanding… these words are advocated by many organisations as integral to their way of doing business, but are only truly felt by a few.

It’s always personal

Christopher Consulting believes that an organisation’s true ethical character is based not on what it says, but on what it does – and how this translates into truly caring for its clients.

For Christopher Consulting, it’s never just business; it’s always personal and each client’s story is treated with the deference it deserves.

Consulting firm

As a consulting firm, we do not handle the litigation of claims. Working with a host of law firms boasting different areas of expertise, Christopher Consulting has the necessary know-how to assist claimants in finding the attorney most suitable to their specific claim.

Provide claimants without financial means

At Christopher Consulting we are proud of the fact that we provide claimants, without the financial means, the opportunity to gain access to the best possible legal and medico-legal representation by funding their claim and taking the total risk on ourselves.

Funding and consulting services

We specialise in legal claims funding and consulting services in a wide range of fields, from personal injury claims and medical negligence, to short-term and long-term insurance claims.

Before litigation happens, Christopher Consulting reviews each claim on merit and obtains the necessary medico-legal reports, other expert reports and professional legal advice needed to follow through with the process.

Assist in making big decisions

Christopher Consulting’s professional team assists claimants to investigate and evaluate the claim, to obtain medico-legal and other expert reports, with the appointment of legal practitioners and then the evaluation and interpretation of their legal advice.

We assist our clients in making the big decisions, and funding the expenses to truly put the claimant in the position where no payment will be made unless their claim is successful.

Support the claimant

We also support the claimant throughout the entire claims process – from obtaining evidence to explaining the attorney’s advice to the claimant when necessary.

Built on the foundation of helping those who feel the most helpless, each claimant is treated with the utmost care and respect, no matter how big or small their claim is.