Birth Injury Claims

Birth injuries are injuries or physical traumas that occur as a result of improper medical care or medical negligence during the process of childbirth to either the mother or the child. This physical harm may occur during labour, during delivery, or after delivery, especially in newborn children who require resuscitation in the delivery room.

How Birth Injuries Can Affect You:

The most common birth injuries include broken bones, spinal injuries and brain injuries. One such example is Cerebral Palsy – a serious condition that is caused due to a lack of oxygen to the brain or damage to one or more parts of the brain at childbirth. There are various forms of Cerebral Palsy which affect the ability to control muscle movement, balance and posture. The long-term effects can range from a minor limp to being resigned to life in a wheelchair.

Birth injuries can be tragic and expensive for the parents of the child and often the damage could have been prevented by proper medical care before, during, and after labour and delivery. Birth injuries caused due to negligence forms part of medical negligence and parents should understand that they can implement legal action to claim a settlement or judgment that will help with the ongoing medical costs. These cases are complex and require experienced and knowledgeable legal representation to succeed with a claim. Contact Christopher Consulting to get the best advice and representation for any instance of medical negligence, including birth injuries.