Hip Prosthesis Claims

Hip replacement is a medical procedure in which the hip joint is replaced by a prosthetic implant. Hip replacements require surgery which includes a full replacement, meaning that both the joint “socket” of the pelvis and “ball” top of the femur are replaced. Up until 2010 some of the hip prosthetic implants were manufactured from cobalt/chrome, resulting in the joint being metal-on-metal.

What does this mean?

This specific method has caused many complications such as infections, swelling, pain, pseudotumours and metal ion release. In addition, the artificial joints did not last as long as promised. Often patients have had to undergo several more operations to replace the joint and to repair the damage it caused. The release of metal ions into the patient’s bloodstream takes many years for the body to correct and the patient often will never regain their full mobility. The tell-tale symptoms from a faulty hip replacement surgery include groin pain, difficulty walking, swelling, numbness and clunking or grinding.

A patient who has suffered from any of these symptoms due to faulty prosthesis has a valid case to claim damages. Christopher Consulting is your “partner of choice” for this claim. Contact Christopher Consulting to get the right legal advice and proper representation for your claim.