Product Liability Claims

A product liability claim can be described as a request for compensation for damages or fatalities suffered by an individual as a result of defectively manufactured products, defectively designed products, improper implementation of products, malfunction of products and negligent medical maintenance and care of products after implementation.

What can you claim for?

  • Medical expenses that have already been incurred;
  • Potential medical expenses that could be incurred;
  • Loss of income suffered due to one’s inability to work or to earn the same level of income prior to the damage caused;
  • Potential future loss of income, should you have to retire early or change employment;
  • A lump sum for your pain, suffering and loss of amenities/abilities (for example hobbies/ sports that you can no longer do or take part in);
  • Loss of support from your family’s primary breadwinner due to the damage;
  • Funeral expenses that have been incurred by you for the burial of your spouse, partner or dependant.