Sciatic Nerve Damage Claims

Sciatic nerve injuries can be painful, exhausting and potentially paralysing. Often damage of the sciatic nerve is caused by incorrect administration of an intramuscular injection or severing of the nerve during a hip-replacement surgery or any surgery in the nerve’s vicinity.

What does this mean?

Symptoms of a sciatic nerve injury include, but are not limited to, lower back pain or buttocks pain, “pins and needles” feelings in the leg or foot, inability to stand or sit for long periods, difficulty in moving any part of the leg or foot, numbness that can sometimes affect the urinary tract and bowels, oversensitivity and burning sensations, swelling, or in worse cases foot drop and paralysis.

If you have experienced any of these symptoms as a result of sciatic nerve damage caused by medical negligence, we will evaluate your circumstances and determine whether you have a legitimate case to claim for damages. Contact Christopher Consulting to get the legal advice and support that you deserve.