Being the victim of medical negligence can be very daunting and intimidating. You may be wondering: Where do I start? Do I have a case? Can I afford the litigation expenses? What is fair compensation in terms of Common Law? What compensation am I entitled to? These are the types of questions we can assist you with.

What is medical negligence?

Medical negligence is inadequate care provided by a healthcare provider to a patient. If the medical negligence results in injury, loss of earning capacity or financial loss to the patient, it may merit a medical negligence or malpractice claim.

Doctors and other healthcare providers have an important duty to their patients:

They must provide treatment that is on par with the medical standard of care.

This standard of care depends on the type of care the specific healthcare provider is trained to give and responsible for giving their patient. Negligence often happens when the healthcare provider deviates from the expected medical standard of care. If the healthcare provider provides substandard care to a patient, he/ she has failed to perform his/ her duty to the patient. If this results in harm or loss, the patient or their family may suffer financial consequences due to costs of future medical treatment or loss of earning capacity, for example.

Medical negligence or malpractice can occur in a number of ways, such as:

  • A delay in delivering your baby;
  • Misdiagnosis resulting in a delay in correct treatment;
  • Delays in treating nerve injuries, resulting in paralysis;
  • Incorrect treatment of orthopaedic injuries (such as misalignment of ‘broken bones’); and
  • Surgical mistakes.

How can Christopher Consulting help you?

In South Africa, large numbers of medical malpractice claims are made. This causes delays in the litigation process and makes it difficult for victims of medical negligence to receive sufficient financial compensation.

Christopher Consulting has a well-established network of attorneys and medico-legal experts, as well as the experience and knowledge in this field to get you the financial compensation you deserve. Moreover, we provide the funding for all these services.

We have extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to birth injuries, resulting in cerebral palsy, brachial plexus injuries (Erb’s palsy) or other brain injuries. We also specialise in the incorrect treatment of orthopaedic injuries and delayed treatment of retinal detachment. Our expertise further includes delayed treatment of nerve damage, which may result in conditions such as a drop foot or Cauda Equina Syndrome. Those are just a few examples of the various types of malpractice cases we are capable of helping you with.

If you have suffered due to medical negligence and you don’t know where to start, simply start by filling in our contact form.