Public Liability Claims

When a person suffers personal damages as a result of a general accident caused by negligence of another party he/she can institute a Public Liability Claim. Public Liability Claims excludes all motor vehicle accidents (which are covered by the Road Accident Fund) and work related claims (covered by the Workman’s Compensation Fund)

Examples of Public Liability:

A Public Liability occurs when a person has suffered some form of injury, either physical or psychological, as a result of a general accident and includes the following:

  • Slip and Trip
  • Major Building Collapses
  • Animal Related Injuries
  • General Accidents
  • Personal Injuries (excluding RAF)
  • Train Accidents

If you have been hurt or your family’s primary breadwinner has died due to injuries sustained accidentally at a public place, you may claim for compensation.

When can you claim?

The most common claim results from a person being injured in a public place like a supermarket, shopping centre, private home, business or government department/building, where the management or owner of the public place had the duty to ensure that the public area was safe, and neglected this duty, resulting in the incident.

How do you claim?

Contact us and arrange a consultation with one of our specialists. We will evaluate the circumstances under which you were injured and tell you whether or not we believe your Public Liability claim is valid. We will then assist you in starting and furthering your claim.

What can you claim for?

  • Medical expenses that have already been incurred;
  • Potential medical expenses that could be incurred;
  • Loss of income suffered due to one’s inability to work or to earn the same level of income prior to the accident;
  • Potential future loss of income, should you have to retire early or change employment;
  • A lump sum for your pain, suffering and loss of amenities/abilities (for example hobbies/ sports that you can no longer do or take part in);
  • Loss of support from your family’s primary breadwinner;
  • Funeral expenses that have been incurred by you for the burial of your spouse, partner or dependant.

The only qualification to claiming the above damages is that they must have come as a result of injuries that you sustained in an accident, or as a result of the death of your family’s primary breadwinner.

Contact our Public Liability Department:

To speak to one of our specialists contact us at 0860 001 111 and arrange an initial consultation at our offices free of charge – we are here for you.